The wall is situated on the Big and Small Jinshanling, hence its name – Jinshanling Great Wall. Based on huge stone bars, the Wall was then made by huge bricks, each of which weighed about 26 pounds (12 kilograms). It has five main passes and 67 watchtowers. Every 328 feet (100 meters), there is an enemy tower each of which is about 33 feet (ten meters) high. Featuring various structures and having various functions, those watchtowers are either one tiered or two-tiered. On the first floor there are some windows for shooting arrows. The roofs of the towers are many and varied, flat, arched, quadrangular or octagonal. Some are used to store weapons and hay. Others are used as soldiers’ bedrooms. Among them, the most celebrated are the Big and Small Jinshan Watchtowers.

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