• Gubeikou Great Wall hiking tour

Gubeikou Great Wall to Jinshanling Private Hiking Tour

Gubeikiou section of the Great Wall is largely unrestored. It’s not often visited either, probably because it is so far away from central Beijing. We will hike 3-4 hours with 8km. Price from ¥400! Price depends on the group size!

Your guide will meet you at your hotel at 8:00 am, and by private car or minivan we will head to the Great Wall at Gubeikou to start our hike. The hike begins at the Gubeikou section of the Great Wall in Miyun County, very close to the border of the Beijing and Hebei provinces. this section of the Great Wall is largely unrestored.

We’ll start the walk with a short climb up to a dirt trail to reach the wall. The wall in this area is built on ridges, and because there are not many trees on the ridgelines we will have broad views in every direction as we walk up to the tower in the area. Our path along the wall takes us slowly up to the 24-Eyes Tower, the tallest in the area.

From here it’s theoretically possible to follow the wall all the way to Jinshanling, but it’s practically impossible because the wall borders military land and is blocked off. This means taking a detour through Spider Valley! When we first hiked this trail, the bushy path through Spider Valley was draped with cobwebs and we saw many a big fat spider sitting in the middle of their web. These days, there are fewer spiders, and it’s not as scary as it sounds. On the way through the valley, we’ll walk by an abandoned house, wells, and water stores, as well as the occasional cobweb.

To get to Jinshanling, we follow a trail beside the wall until we’re past the military section. It’s this section of the hike where the trail becomes steep and a little tricky, but just for a while – soon enough we’ll be up at an excellent lookout point from where we’ll see all of the Jinshanling Great Wall, as well as the archway that will take us under and then back up on top of the wall.

Where we get back on the wall is the western end of Jinshanling, just beyond the restored section. We’ll follow the wall down to Zhuanduo Pass, where we’ll find a big statue of Qi Jiguang, a general of the Ming Dynasty who was responsible for the reinforcement of much Ming Dynasty Great Wall in Beijing. From there we’ll follow the park road down to the big carpark at Jinshanling, where we’ll finish the hike.

Our bus will meet us at the carpark and will transport us directly to the local restaurant where we’ll have a big meal before heading back to the city.