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Huanghuacheng Great Wall Private Hiking Tour

Huanghuacheng Wild Great Wall Hiking with your private English tour guide and car or van with driver, Price from ¥300! Price depends on the group size!

The most convenient way of getting to the Huanghuacheng Great Wall is to rent a car with driver or take a private tour.

Our driver and English guide meet you at your hotel at 8am. We will drive to Huanghuacheng Great Wall. When you see the three Chinese characters “Huang Hua Cheng” at the entrance of a village you have arrived at your destination. Follow the narrow path on the left which lead to the Xishuiyu Scenic Area, which boasts picturesque scenery and is known in North China as Little West Lake. Xishuiyu Scenic Area is mainly composed of Haoming Lake and some man-made entertainment facilities on the island around the lake. The Haoming Lake divides Huanghuacheng Great Wall into three parts. This hiking tour will focus on the most splendid section.

Walking about one hundred meters along the main road from the entrance of the village, you can see the wall on the hill ahead. In front of the wall, there is a large reservoir intercepted by a 30 meter-long dam, which is the Huanghuacheng Reservoir. Walking along the dam, you will see a little path along the hill leading to the lowest guard tower of the wall, this is where hiking start.

After the sixth guard tower, you will see three sections of V-shape walls set into the mountain. The wall descends sharply to the bottom of the valley and then soars up to the top of the mountain. Again, it falls rapidly to the lowest point and rises to the mountain peak. Climbing down the mountain along the wall you will find the seventh and eighth guard towers together with the walls between well preserved. It may be because this section hides in the valley that keeps it from erosion. Standing at the low point of the valley and looking up, you will see the wall winding like a flying dragon to the top of the mountain.

The road leading to the ninth guard tower is very steep, is covered by gravel and is very slippery. We advise you to concentrate on climb as opposed to the scenery on this part of the wall. The ninth guard tower was built on the mountain peak and is totally weathered. From here, the wall slopes down the valley again and submerges into the water at the end, giving an eerie view of the wall under water.



  • Transport by private vehicle
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Lunch
  • Entrance fees
  • Professional guide



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  • Cable car