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Hufang Bridge, Xuanwu District, adjoining to Hufang Road in the east, Luomashi Street in the north, Beijing Workers’ Club in the south and Residential Areas in the west. Now, it is known as No. 3, Hufang Road, where there are a bunch of buildings with carved beams and painted rafters, rubbed bricks with tight joints […]

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Beijing Dongtu Theatre every day 5:30pm have traditional Acrobatic show. The famous “Star Dream” is a first-class selection of acrobatic show created and performed by the China National Acrobatic Troupe. The show features a combination of Chinese national music, dance, opera, and martial arts which fully display the Chinese inspirations, national culture, and charm of […]

Beijing hosts a variety of excellent acrobatic performances around the city. However there is one spectacular show that stands out from the rest in a stunning manner. The Beijing acrobatic show called “Legend of Jinsha” is known for it’s dazzling appearance, in both decorations and performers clothing. As you can see from the picture, there is no lack […]

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